The brand

We create a new awareness

Our name is made up of the words “w(h)ite” and “blaze”. While “w(h)ite” touches on aspects such as lightheartedness, new beginnings and clarity, “blaze” acknowledges the emotional-passionate side of sport and stands for power and will, for the fire that burns in all athletes and drives them.

“To blaze a trail” also means to pave the way, to boldly go ahead and start a movement.
This is exactly what WITEBLAZE stands for: we create a new awareness, stand for a new approach and look to continually challenge pre-conceptions- all through our unique passion for sports and activity, and always
through the human touch.

The idea

Buy less but better

Changing market conditions, “buy less but better”, a rethinking towards cross-functionality, and last but not least, our own experience as athletes have clearly shown us the direction.

“Not too much, not too little” – this is precisely the principle behind WITEBLAZE. This means high functionality, uncompromising quality and a tidy design.

WITEBLAZE stands for the contemporary sports experience, which also accompanies you through everyday life and leisure - geared towards today‘s active lifestyle.

Our origin

We were born out of a desire; a desire to change a mindset

We are a team in the heart of Europe. We are passionate about sports, and the ideal product is our passion. Together with our community, we develop products that are durable and versatile.
To not only buy less, but to buy better. Mindfully made, cross-functionally considered, we are passionate about creating timeless sports products that are versatile in performance and minimalist in approach.

Based in the heart of Europe, we strive to develop products that don’t compromise in quality or activity. Our cross-functional design means
our apparel, footwear & sports products are ready for many activities.

Product & design

A 360° approach

WITEBLAZE offers a 360° approach to equipment, footwear and textiles.
Our focus is on straight lines, lightness, a clean and timeless design language to deliberately create crossover possibilities with many of
our products. Carefully selected materials and thoughtfully designed expert products effectively round off our portfolio.
The design language and colour worlds used are selected to appeal in the long term.

WITEBLAZE is for everybody

WITEBLAZE combines all relevant sports under one roof.

We always keep the needs of modern athletes in mind, so it does not matter how intense or advanced a sport is or whether it takes place indoors in the gym or out in the mountains in windy and different weather conditions. With WITEBLAZE, we are not only addressing outdoor enthusiasts or keen runners, but also urban fitness enthusiasts. We are versatile and
yet always clear.

We are the brand for everyone who is looking for quality products with a timeless design that are fun but also offer performance.

Ladies, Men, Unisex
For what
Outdoor, Walking, Running, Trail running, Bathing/Beach, Biking, Winter Sports, Fitness, Yoga, Recovery, Sport style, Leisure, Racket, Climbing, Fun wheel, Travel, Camping

Our stance on sustainability

In our effort to act more responsibly, we rely on lasting partnerships with family-run businesses and regional service providers. This enables us to influence fair working conditions, which are regularly and predominantly verified by amfori BSCI in the production facilities.

Raw materials

We are increasingly focussing on the responsible use of raw materials.


We drastically reduce business trips, reduce sample production to a minimum and work intensively on optimising production processe

Our products

We design products that impress not only with their versatility in everyday life but also with their high wearing comfort.

this is what we stand for

clean design
360° product world

Meet the witeblaze crew

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