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“To blaze a trail” means to pave the way, to boldly go ahead and take seize the moment.

To blaze a trail

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WITEBLAZE represents the emotive, passionate side of sport – the strength and willpower, the flame that burns brightly within every athlete and that continues to drive them.


WITEBLAZE appeals not only to outdoor enthusiasts and keen runners, but also to all fans of urban fitness.

Go to new places


We are versatile yet always clear. We are modern, pragmatic, multifunctional, performance-oriented and direct.


WITEBLAZE is about the feelings of freedom, passion and joy that only sport can trigger; about carefree fun, inner balance and that very special state of mind.


It is associated with sun-drenched yoga studios, jogging laps in the fresh morning air, crystal-clear mountain lakes and the feeling just before conquering the summit.

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WITEBLAZE describes testing your physical boundaries, reaching the next level, pushing yourself to the limit and achieving your goals.

Train hard and relax



“It’s burning white-hot” is what the Americans say when something is particularly hot – and that’s exactly what WITEBLAZE stands for. That is exactly what we stand for.


WITEBLAZE combines all relevant sports under one roof.

Ready for new adventures

We always keep the needs of modern athletes in mind, so it does not matter how intensely they practise it, how advanced they are or whether it takes place indoors in the gym or out in the mountains in all weathers.


As part of the community, we are not just remote observers but right in the thick of things.


Our principle

“Not too much – not too little.”

Live for the moment

WITEBLAZE inspires while putting the focus on the playground.

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